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Delman Watch Service Company services and restores watches and jewelry for individuals, major Jewelry Chains, collectors and vintage dealers



In addition to Delman Watch Service’s Service and Repairs offerings we specialize in restoration. With years of dedicated training DWS’s skilled watchmakers have the expertise necessary. Restoring an older watch to it’s original condition requires more attention than a routine service. Over the years some movement parts might have become worn or damaged and need replacement. when these parts are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturers, we have the ability to make them manually. Part of the restoration is to refinish the watch case and bracelet. Removing scratches and dents and repairing worn hinges on pocket watches. Once cleaned and buffed the exterior is returned to it’s original “like New” condition.

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We specialize in restorations of antique and estate watches and pocket watches. We carry extensive supply of parts and crystals. if one is not available we can hand cut to fit your case. If your Dial is old or discolored we can have it refinished to make it look like new.